Friday, January 14, 2011

Biotechnology in Nepal- Associations and Organizations !

Had the opportunity to interact with fresh and older faces of the biotechnology fraternity this afternoon at a program. The program was organized very well by Nepalese (mind you, I prefer Nepali haha) Biotechnology Society (NBS) with support from Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN). Current members of these two organizations as well as Nepal Molecular Biology Society (NEMBIS), International Biomedical Society (INBS) and Nepal Biotech Association (NBA) were also represented.

Now, read the last four lines again- there are FIVE organizations mentioned, ALL of which are related to biotechnology in Nepal, one way or the other. Question is, do we need or have the resources to accomodate all of these, especially all roads lead to support for Biotechnology in Nepal??????? My answer is, NO !

The best way to strengthen the biotechnology community in this country is to UNITE under one banner. Unity is strength, and this is an established fact. NMA represents Medical Doctors in this country, NUTA represents University Academics, NEA represents Engineers and so forth. Why can we not have something similar from amongst all the scattered representative organizations for Biotechnology in Nepal and put up a very strong lobby group in the form of that entity?

There may be various ways to do this, so let's start thinking of a best approach. Comments and Suggestions are always welcome ...


  1. Yes you are right, I said this same things to all the BSN members in LBEF meeting. we should talk about solidarity and lets unite all these society under one umbrella. They said they are going to do but i am not sure about that. People are busy on talking international collaboration but i said first unite at home. Lets see how they take it.
    Prajjwal Rajbhandari

  2. This is really nice. That is why I am not member in anyone of them because the board could not convince me that there is going to be unity when they come for membership. Being member in all org is not a big thing but being a part of org is a big thing. You can still be part even though you are not member. Membership is not only way be good and you get members.